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Simplified teacher provides a platform for teacher to reach their potential by giving them a platform to reach and affect millions of lives using technology. This will in turn expose them to better service offers

How To Become A Teacher

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Simplifiedteachers Educators' Form
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Specify the field you are prolific in e.g Mathematics
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Have you got skills? Are you ready to impact lives? Do you desire global revolution? Are you willing to impact the next generation for the greater good? Then, you can be a part of this formidable team.

An educator must possess the following qualities.

  • Innovative
  • Keep integrity
  • Committed
  • Available 24/7
  • Passion to update knowledge regularly
  • Articulate in speech
  • Superior listening skills
  • Deep knowledge and passion for subject matter
  • Friendship and approachability
  • Excellent preparation and organization skills
  • Strong work ethics that doesn’t quit